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Kitchen -Remodeling--in-West-Hills-California-kitchen-remodeling-west-hills-california.jpg-imageQuality Remodeling Los Angeles is a premiere Los Angeles area kitchen designer and has worked with many local West Hills California homeowners to create their dream kitchen using our kitchen remodeling services.
Working with Quality Remodeling Los Angeles will help you start to define the functional, environmental, and aesthetic aspects of how you'll use your kitchen. This allows you to make the right decisions about the materials you want to use, the colors, the layouts of storage and work areas, and the types of appliances you want to use.
Some types of kitchen remodeling ideas and suggestions
One-wall or L shaped kitchens: This design has less walking space than a U or G shaped kitchen but is ideal for small kitchens, which are sometimes difficult to design for. This L shape kitchen makes it easier to have the work triangle incorporated. The designers of the L shaped kitchens always aim to maximize efficiency and accessibility.
Furthermore, single-wall L shaped kitchens are based on two perpendicular walls. We can often make these spaces look bigger by using light colors and simple styling. With a single-wall L kitchen designs have what's called a working triangle. The main sink and stove would be situated along two walls but the main area and other appliances could be inserted in a countertop island. To maximize efficiency, the distances between doorways should be about 48 inches, and door hinges should be within 36 inches from refrigerator or stove. This all allows for a lot of foot traffic.
Single-wall L shaped kitchens: Also called one-wall kitchen designs, these kinds of kitchens are great for small kitchens. For example, the back wall in this kind of kitchen would go from the corner wall to the wall with cabinets or refrigerator. This L design should be split to allow better use of electricity and plumbing, especially in places where you'll be repairing or adding electrical outlets. The main sink would usually go to the far end of the kitchen with the hob at a countertop island.
Cone-shaped kitchens: This kind of kitchen L that is referred to as a Laced Kitchen resembles the U or G shape. Corners are often doubled or even halved for a cone-shaped kitchen, though this is an extreme. It often consists of the sink, stove and refrigerator. This design also has the main centerpiece or the main work area incorporated into the design so that everything flows together.
Furniture Layout
Usually, you'll find the refrigerator and stove on the facing wall with the oven in the positioning wall and a kitchen island in the center of the room. A second kitchen aid would be positioned near the main refrigerator or stove to save space. If you followed the centralized design plan, this all leaves more room for walkway space.
Based on the kind of floor you have in your kitchen; if the ground is soft, you may want to look into a hardwood floor for a smooth transition from the living room towards the kitchen. Ceramic tile has excellent durability and is easy to clean - it's especially helpful for those who have children and are tired of a lot of bending and scrubbing as in other types of floors.
Your choice of kitchen designs is the key to aesthetically consistent and functional kitchen that's right for you. Let Quality Remodeling Los Angeles help guide you through this complicated and open ended process. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

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